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Passionate about CVs

Your one-stop CV shop!

Do you need a Curriculum Vitae? Let us do yours now. Give us your current one and we will modernise it.

Do you need credit-, criminal-, qualification-, reference-, referee checks and many more conducted on potential or current employees? We render these services to you at affordable pricing.

Launch Your Career

Get a head start with a professional CV that will open doors for you.

Great Turnaround Times

We strive to get your CV back to you in the shortest possible time.

Admired By Employers

Employers admire our CVs and many clients have found jobs using our CVs.

You receive an editable copy

We provide you with an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) version and also a copy in MS Word you may later edit to your liking.

We build your CV according to Industry requirements

We make sure your CV fits your current industry. We highlight your latest job to get your foot in the door.

Easy and secure payments

We make it easy for you with secure, online payments. We only use PayFast for payments.

Curriculum Vitae - the story of your life

Employers sometimes receive thousands of CVs for an advertised post. CVs are scanned within seconds for keywords and general impression. Make sure your only chance to get your foot in the door does not end up in the trash can.


This is a brief summary of our services. Note that ALL our services need payment in advance and we have a strict no-refund policy.


We will revamp your CV to include applicable posts and latest flair. We cannot guarantee jobs but we know our CVs will let you get your foot in the door.


We create cover letters based on reference letters and other information you provide. These are generic but we still word them to apply to almost any job you apply for in your industry.


We do checks for any type of company that is not running full time HR functions at affordable fees. These include credit-, criminal-, qualification-, reference-, referee checks and many more.


We assist with various administrative tasks. If you need a remote personal assistant please do not hesitate to contact us.


We assist with lead generation of various types. If you need leads get in touch and we will see if we are able to assist you.

Unique Service for individuals – Referee Check

We do referee checks for employees. Make sure you are not bad-mouthed by former employers behind your back.

Website Hosting and Design

We do website development and design. Our rates are affordable and we specialize in e-commerce solutions for South Africans. Contact us for more information

We render services aimed both at employer and employee.

For employees, we concentrate on the following:

  • CV revamp and services – We ensure your CV is up to standard and complete. We also provide cover letters based on your previous work experience and current posts.
  • Referee checks – Many employees struggle to find jobs never to find out that referees they added to their CVs or provided to prospective employers close the door on them, even though they were not necessarily in the wrong and left a previous company without burning any bridges. Personality clashes, unfortunately, sometimes are at play here. A new service we offer is to obtain references from your referees and provide simple feedback to you – BAD, GOOD, DECLINED, UNREACHABLE.
  • Reference checks – Individuals may also make use of our services in this regard if they are concerned about the possible results of these checks, OR if they simply need to easy their job applications by speeding up things.

For employers we concentrate on the following:

  • Checks of all kinds, but mainly criminal and reference checks (VISIT OUR SHOP). Sometimes you need to employ a new person and you need to ensure that person has no criminal record (this is almost a requirement nowadays) or credit record (this is highly recommended if you have a person handling cash, finances, or expensive and valuable stock). This is ideal for small businesses not running a full time or dedicated outsourced HR department.

General services:

  • We also assist with administrative services and lead generation.

Website services:

  • We develop websites and also host websites at affordable prices – for South Africans, by South Africans. For more information see our page on Website Services.


Our Team


Senior Partner

With more than 20 years experience in administrative and HR support functions, and five years in exactly what she is doing now - creating the best CVs to provide clients with a better chance of getting their foot into the job market - you need to make use of her services.
Two kids.
Two dogs.
Married to a hunk.


Webmaster and general elecitrciahandyfilingmaintefinanman

The shy nerdy dude who hates Zoom and WhatsApp video calls. Keeps the website up to date and makes sure no non-paid-for services are rendered by mistake.
Two kids.
Two dogs.
Married to a sexy.

Take action now - our most popular products

Wealthy Green
R100.00 - R150.00Once-Off Fee
  • Green Theme
  • Cover Letter Optional
  • Photo Optional
  • PDF format
  • FREE Editable MS-Word format
Perfect White
R100.00 - R150.00Once-Off Fee
  • White Theme
  • Cover Letter Optional
  • Photo Optional
  • PDF format
  • FREE Editable MS-Word format
Ambitious Burgandy
R100.00 - R150.00Once-Off Fee
  • Burgandy Theme
  • Cover Letter Optional
  • Photo Optional
  • PDF format
  • FREE Editable MS-Word format
Formal Grey
R100.00 - R150.00Once-Off Fee
  • Grey Theme
  • Cover Letter Optional
  • Photo Optional
  • PDF format
  • FREE Editable MS-Word format


  • Thank you so much for doing the revamp on my CV. It looks great and will start sending it out today!

    Andrea van Wyk
  • Best money I spent in a long time. Thank you, Irma!

    Malcolm Shephard
  • Thank you for revamping my CV. It was quick and I love the new look.

    Siyanda Panze

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We offer far more than just CVs

Our services are not only limited to revamping CVs. We also offer various other services including checks (credit-, criminal-, qualification-, reference-, referee checks and many more) and administrative services. See what is available in our shop!


We all have a story to tell, but only those very close to us will know it all.

Irma has been in the administrative and HR support industry for many years, with a great part if it also filling in as a personal assistant and office manager in various industries. She has become a CV expert over the past five years and since she was retrenched in July 2020 as a direct result of COVID-19 decided to take the opportunity and assist as many as possible in creating professional CVs for her clients. With a bit of work from both parties, even an entry-level CV can sometimes turn into a WOW-CV!

She treats every CV with the utmost confidentiality and respect, ensuring it reflects the true image of her client, and sometimes even get a bit emotional when she reads about the hardships of others. This is a real human working with real humans, turning her work into a passion…


Contact us for information on any of our products or services.

Contact Info

We are a 100% online business and communicate primarily using e-mail and, on the odd occasion, WhatsApp.

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