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Passionate about… | NEVER PAY TO FIND A JOB


No decent employer will ever expect you to pay any money upfront.

Never hand over any monies for “training” or to secure a job. Most of these are scams and you will do nothing but waste your time and money.

When you apply for a job and a response comes back congratulating you on your successful application, and usually for a post different than the one you applied for, informing you that you should be at a specific place on a specific date at a specific time, rather skip. Furthermore, if you are kindly reminded that you must remember to bring “R100.00 with to cover training materials”, run for the hills!

Most employers will allow you alternative arrangements for paying down uniforms, sales materials etc. once you started work. no payments required.

Don’t even pay for a credit-or criminal check!

The same goes for credit checks, criminal checks, etc.. Even though we allow individuals to have their checks done through us if they wish to do so and for personal peace of mind, payment of these by candidates should not be a requirement by prospective employers. If ever you as an employee are asked by an employer to pay for any check you have the right to refuse.


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