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Never send faxes

When applying for vacancies beware of people asking for information via FAX.

Several operators are paid commissions on pages sent to them via fax – these are mainly the 086 number in operation.

You would see an advertisement for a post with NO OTHER contact information other than a fax number. You may be requested to send a comprehensive CV, copies of certificates, etc. You end up paying a fortune never to hear from anybody again.

What happened? You were scammed. You paid to send a fax that most probable were deleted the moment it was received. The service provider of the fax number profited and shared his profit with the owner of the fax number. Both are laughing at you.

Our advice – NEVER send a fax unless you have spoken to someone, they have additional methods of communications available, and there is a very valid reason for sending a fax.

So what is the alternative?

Sending an e-mail is your best alternative. Take a pdf picture with your cell phone of a document and email directly from your cell phone. There are many apps available to do all of this at no cost more than a bit of data.

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