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We render services aimed both at employer and employee.

For employees, we concentrate on the following:

  • CV revamp and services – We ensure your CV is up to standard and complete. We also provide cover letters based on your previous work experience and current posts.
  • Referee checks – Many employees struggle to find jobs never to find out that referees they added to their CVs or provided to prospective employers close the door on them, even though they were not necessarily in the wrong and left a previous company without burning any bridges. Personality clashes, unfortunately, sometimes are at play here. A new service we offer is to obtain references from your referees and provide simple feedback to you – BAD, GOOD, DECLINED, UNREACHABLE.
  • Reference checks – Individuals may also make use of our services in this regard if they are concerned about the possible results of these checks, OR if they simply need to easy their job applications by speeding up things.

For employers we concentrate on the following:

  • Checks of all kinds, but mainly criminal and reference checks (VISIT OUR SHOP). Sometimes you need to employ a new person and you need to ensure that person has no criminal record (this is almost a requirement nowadays) or credit record (this is highly recommended if you have a person handling cash, finances, or expensive and valuable stock). This is ideal for small businesses not running a full time or dedicated outsourced HR department.

General services:

  • We also assist with administrative services and lead generation.

Website services:

  • We develop websites and also host websites at affordable prices – for South Africans, by South Africans. For more information see our page on Website Services.


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