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Web Site Development

We would love to take you on as a client!

Our websites services, in short, are as follow:

  1.  If you do not have a .co.za domain yet we will register and pay that for you. As long as we maintain your web site we will also pay the annual fee.
  2. We will host your site on our servers. Should you have hosting already, it is compatible with our requirements, and you allow us access to that we will incorporate a discount into our fees.
  3. We run our sites on WordPress ONLY.
  4. We specialise in e-commerce and ONLY use Woocommerce for that.
  5. We believe in South African products for South Africans and implement PayFast as a payment solution for our customers in need of an online payment solution. Payfast is also the only solution we make use of for payment from our clients.
  6. We start you with a basic package of 1GB space and up to 5-email accounts and if your usage increases we will up the numbers and amount payable.
  7. We run full backups of your site twice a month to make sure all is safe should disaster strike.
  8. We continuously make sure updates are run and security patches are in place to prevent hackers from taking over your site.
  9. We run a banner advertisement program which we encourage you to participate in – this means we will display banner advertisements for you on participating sites and banner adds of those sites will appear on your site. We always attempt not to run adds of sites with the same services on one another.
  10. Our setup fees start from R500 for a basic site, R1000 for an e-commerce site, and more should you require a more complicated setup. This can change at any time without prior notification. Annual increases usually take place in January.
  11. Monthly fees are affordable, increasing depending on your requirements. This can change at any time without prior notification. Annual increases usually take place in January.
  12. No monies are refundable.
  13. A notice period of one month is required by either party.
  14. When setting up e-commerce sites or indexing sites sample items will be loaded to assist the client but once that is done the client will have to manage their own shop. However, we do render services where we will manage your complete shop.
  15. To let us start work on your site as soon as possible or for more information contact us now.

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