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(or have your’s modernized)?

With or without full e-commerce solutions!



We would love to take you on as a client! We know that your business, hobby, cause, or personal project is important to you and we will get your website up in the shortest time possible.


MAIN FEATURES OF YOUR NEW SITE (this applies to the entry-level package – more feature available for other packages):

  • The setup fee depends on the type of site we need to configure for you – more information further down.
  • The monthly fees are determined by the amount of space your site uses, and whether you participate in our banner advertising program (we give you a discount if you participate in the banner advertising program).
  • 1 GB Space & 10 GB Bandwidth.
  • 5 e-mail accounts.
  • 2 forced backups per month (regular automated backups).
  • 1 restore test per month to ensure all will be well should disaster strike.
  • We register a domain on your behalf if needed.
  • We renew your domain annually if we registered it.
  • We design using a modern, professional, and responsive theme, and maintain your site.
  • We list your site with Google and Bing.
  • You provide all the content.
  • You need to contact us now.

Please note that we register a variety of domains on behalf of our clients. See below what we can assist you with.

Once you decided on a domain name that is available you would like to use please let us know so we can register it as soon as possible.

We do outsource our web development and below is the basic information you will need from our service provider – this also serves as their Terms of Service (More information of pricing below the Terms of Service):

Current costs are as follow:

To find out more about us registering your domain and let us start work on your site as soon as possible CONTACT US now.

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