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Passionate about… | What you need to know

What you need to know


We undertake not to sell or distribute any of your information and to treat all with the utmost confidentiality.

In general, we keep backups of all work we have done but those are secured in our offices and no devices with data go out in public.

You may request that we delete all personal data and we will confirm via email when this is done. This will include the following:

  • Any correspondence received from you.
  • Any correspondence sent to you.
  • Any copies of documents residing on our servers.


We communicate primarily using e-mail and WhatsApp.


Please note the following about payments:

  • Payment takes place via secure online facilities (https://payfast.co.za). We DO NOT accept cash.
  • Full payment is required before any services will be rendered.

About checks

A few pointers:

  • Payment is in advance.
  • Third parties are involved – sometimes delays may occur.
  • Results are emailed to the person placing the order here and paying for the service.

General information on CVs

Please note the following:

  • Once we e-mailed your final CV to you, you have five working days to respond should you require any errors /oversight /omission to be corrected, additions to be made, or changes to be made. Once this time has elapsed you will pay for any additional services rendered in full.
  • We will provide you with two copies of your final CV:
    • A .pdf document for secure distribution.
    • A MS Word document that you may edit as required (e.g add future posts, edit contact information, add newly obtained qualifications).
  • It is not our responsibility to find a job for you and we are not a recruitment company. You need to submit your CV to possible employers as required.

Documents Required

For All Checks (excluding referee checks):

  • RSA ID Book / RSA ID Card / Valid Passport
  • Completed Consent Form

For Criminal Check:

You will need to visit an available agency office (an appointment with location, date and time will be set up with you) and you need to take the original of the following documents with you:

  • RSA ID Book / RSA ID Card / Valid Passport
  • Completed Consent Form

For Qualification Check (RSA Matric, Degree, Diploma, Certificate):

  • Documents as for All Services, PLUS
  • Copy of qualification.
  • Name of Educational Institution.
  • Year qualification was completed.
  • Student number or examination number if available.
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